The Matthews Family

Shopping Details

The following are handcrafted works of art and treasures from mamas in Kenya. Through Project Goods mamas in Kenya earn a fair wage for their works and the products are offered to prospective adoptive families to sell as a fundraising opportunity.
The way this will work is if you want a product comment “Claim” and it’s yours! Private message me your email address and I’ll send an invoice for receipt of payment. Funds raised will go towards our adoption expenses.


Our Reason

We want to thank you for visiting our adoption fundraising page! We have always desired to grow our family through adoption once we had children naturally. That plan changed and after almost 2 years of trying to conceive, we were diagnosed with infertility. This broke us. It took some time to process this news, but we realized God has us on this new journey and even though it is difficult at times, we glorify Him even in it. We do thank Him as He has been gracious to us with Madyson, our daughter; I was a single parent when David and I married and he adopted Mady when she was 4 years old. Seven years later, our desire to grow our family has grown, and we are believing that the Lord is leading us on this particular journey to add to our family through adoption.