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Ep. 23 – Renew Your Strength

Ep. 23 – Renew Your Strength

One of my "life verses" is Isaiah 40:31 - "But those who wait on (or hope in) the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint." SO many times I have been forced to wait and rest so...

Ep. 22 – Stillness in the Chaos

Ep. 22 – Stillness in the Chaos

"I even verbally vocalized how hurt and angry and upset that I was at the whole situation. This was not what I signed up for. This was not anything that I knew how to do. How did God, you know, even think that I could do this? I didn't understand. And he let me just...

Ep. 22 – Stillness in the Chaos

Ep. 21 – Finding Strength & Peace in the Hard

I finished 2023 by publishing a devotional on Kindle called Adoption Survival Guide - A Devotional Activity Journal. In this episode, I take a very quick walk through the "what" & "why" of the book then begin reading the first devotional entry. I hope it...

Ep. 22 – Stillness in the Chaos

Ep. 19 – Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before We Adopted

When I go through a particularly hard season, I try to learn from the experience. This allows the Holy Spirit to build my character and hope. In this episode, I have compiled a few things that would have been beneficial to know or learn before we adopted.If you are in...

Ep. 22 – Stillness in the Chaos

Renewing Your Mind in the Struggles

Ep. 18 - Adoption will take us to the very core of our belief system. It will challenge everything about your belief system and you have to be prepared for that. Whether you're in it, thinking about it, have been through it, the most important thing is to not let go...

Ep. 016 – Strategies to Increase Craft Sales in a Recession

Ep. 016 – Strategies to Increase Craft Sales in a Recession

Recently I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of discouragement because of difficult times and low sales. Quite a few of the comments I read on social media are sharing the frustration of decreased sales. I get it. Believe me. In this episode I’m going to share some...

Ep. 016 – Strategies to Increase Craft Sales in a Recession

Ep. 13 – How to Stand Out from the Crowd as an Online Crafter

It’s no secret that I am a bigger fan of having your own real estate online but how can you do it and still stand out? I’m glad you asked! Regardless of whether you are a wall-flower or enjoy being the center of attention, you need your PRODUCT to get noticed when you...

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