If anything good was going to come out of 2020 it’s the fact that more people have access to your crafts than ever before. You are not limited by location and time. Setting up at the local craft shows or selling by word of mouth. Now there are so many options but you do have to navigate the internet. 

“If you build it they will come” usually only works for Kevin Costner. In the online craft world, when you build it, you need to tell people where it’s at.

Here are seven things that can help you in your journey to building your online business.


Figure out your specific – 

  • Who are you selling it to? (This is your Avatar or “Person”) 
  • What is their name?
  • What kind of house do they live in?
  • Where do they shop?
  • How do they dress?

Don’t do yourself – You do not count even if it is something you need. Often we are too critical of our own business and feel that no one would pay us for it. 

Not everyone knows how to do what you can do or don’t want to learn. 

So they pay YOU to do it.


One of my online clients loves to tell the story of when he started his business, he had nice business cards made for his website design agency…and drum lessons. 

Just what everyone looking for a web designer wants, to also learn how to play the drums. Right?

Since then he has taken the lessons off of his stuff and ONLY focuses on his brand. 

At the last live craft show I attended, there was a booth that CLEARLY only sold tie-dye clothing. It was on her sign, the cards, the racks. Tie-dye. Similarly, my favorite booth had steampunk jewelry with other accessories and was clearly a steampunk booth. On the sign, cards, decor, and set-up…steampunk. 

A craft show booth set up to display steampunk style jewelry. Focus is on a dummy wearing a hat, goggles and steampunk style outfit.

Then there was the card that I brought home that said “Granny’s Trinkets & face painting”. I do NOT remember this booth and I definitely do not remember anyone doing any face painting. There was no website or social media link on the card to remind me, only a phone number. I guess to book the face painting?? 

Anyway, my point is that especially online, there needs to be a point to your branding. Something for people to remember and find you on every platform you choose. 

  • Same logo on everything
  • Use the same colors – you can use multiple colors but always use just those  
  • Same Style – Are you steampunk? Are you vintage?
  • Same Font on all of it and should match the style. 
  • And please…don’t add that you also teach drum lessons!

Website boutique

I HIGHLY suggest having somewhere to put your product that’s yours (Shopify or website) and not renting space (like Etsy) 

Shop attention from Google and ultimately people is in your hands. If you keep it updated and be present in it, that is part of the consistency you need. 

An online shop is just an extension of your brand and should represent you. Just stay consistent with your branding.

Social media

Social Media is a tool and should be used like one. Utilize it to ultimately get people to your shop or website so you don’t really need to worry about numbers or followers. If it’s working, you will have sales. No sales, be more consistent. 

  • Facebook ads – This is a tool I would not use all of the time but definitely when I want a targeted audience about a targeted service or product. 
  • Instagram – Great for using reels of how you create your product, your process in shipping, some of the tools you use or a new offer.
  • Pinterest – Not subject to the same algorithms as Facebook or Instagram and does not get taken down after a few hours. Pins are constantly in motion.
  • TikTok – Has surpassed Facebook in numbers of user but you have to know who you are marketing to. (Avatar)
  • Twitch – This is also a good one to show the process of your business in real time.

Don’t do all of them at one time! You will quickly get overwhelmed. Choose one, learn the platform and then add to it. 

Email List

This is a very important piece to the marketing puzzle. Having a social media presence is good, having an online shop is ideal but what happens if one of them is not working? An email list keeps you in touch with your customers and fans in case you need to get that information to them. Obviously, it’s also a great tool to keep front of mind with people who already know your work.

Here are ideas how to build your list – 

  • Start by asking people you know & ask them for any suggestions
  • Save addresses in an email platform like ConvertKit or Mailchimp
  • Send a greeting email to anyone who signs up to be on the list and thank them!
  • Stay top of mind – be consistent – use templates to automate
  • For a sale – ask for email
  • Create a lead magnet – something people can get in exchange for their email address

After a sale

This is huge because they already like your stuff so make sure you send them a PERSONAL thank you note or video. 

Follow up with them later and ask them to leave a review. 

Attend a Virtual Craft Show

The very purpose that I created Virtual Street Market was to host online craft shows. We will be planning a 3D Virtual Craft Supply show on March 23rd, 2023. If you make or sell supplies for crafters (yarn, goat milk, fabric, ) & would like to get notified of that event, we will be sharing more information on the website. 

A screen shot from a website called Vfairs to show how the 3D craft show will look.

If you would like to shop it or know anyone who would. It will be different from any of the Virtual craft shows I have seen so far and I think it is going to be SO fun so be watching for that.

Now go light your world, creatives! 💡

~ Kam


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