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If you have any questions or queries, we are always happy to help. Feel free to contact us using the contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Please do take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us as there is a good chance that your answer may be there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of "Creative" can be a vendor?

If you are a creative that has crafted something out of your own hand or idea, upcycled OR you are a virtual genius with web design and marketing.  At this time, VSM is NOT accepting any MLM or drop ship businesses. 

Do I need to have a website to be a vendor?

Nope! But we do need a link to either an ETSY shop, Shopify store or Facebook page so people can buy from you! (Unless you are a website designer…then it would be silly if you didn’t😂

Does the customer buy my product on this site?

No! You do not have to set up another account for your customers to purchase through! Just like at a physical market, we will bring people in and they come to you to shop. The rest is up to you! 

Are there any fees I need to be aware of?

Nope! Everything is in the initial vendor fee. 

Can I apply again if I am rejected?

We encourage applying again and will include any reasoning for not allowing vendors. 

What are the reasons I would get rejected?

Reasons for rejecting a vendor would be: sexual or vulgar content, nudity. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove on The Virtual Street

Do you offer refunds?

We hope that all of our vendors are wildly successful but sometimes events don’t always go that way. Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds due to the amount of time and resources we put in to making it all function.

What if I want to take my creative business to the next level?

We are here for you! It can be overwhelming if you want a website or help with marketing! We can help guide you down the path…we know people!

Can I advertise on my social media?

Please do! We appreciate the shares!

Can I invite other creative friends to be vendors?

Absolutely! They just need to apply the same way and be aware of the guidlines. 

How do you advertise?

Social media – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, Circle
Always adding to the list!


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