about us

We are on a mission to help amazing people like you improve the visibility of your business and promote your services.

About Us

How we started

The Virtual Street Market was born out of the need for crafters and creatives to have a safe, supportive network in which to share skills and generate sales.

There are lots of huge websites out there that encourage the sale of handmade products, repurposed objects and beautiful handcrafts, but individual traders run the risk of being lost in the mix.

The Virtual Street Market gives individual artists a platform, as well as the tools they need to make their businesses flourish.

A supportive and dynamic online community

A high profile virtual market stall with a global customer base

A technological platform to help your business grow

Our Services

A supportive network fueled by love and appreciation

The Virtual Street Market is run by creatives who understand the challenges you face. It’s a network that works to support you as both an artist and an entrepreneur. 

Helping Businesses

Our goal is to help you maximise the potential of your online business.

Making Connections

Network with an exclusive range of artists, suppliers and arts promoters.

Online Support

Created by artists who understand your needs, we offer support and guidance.

A Growing Network

As the Virtual Street Market grows, so do your unique networking opportunities.

Increasing Awareness

Buy a stall and get your products and services seen by a global audience.

Transforming Lives

Help change the world for vulnerable children with every dollar spent.

Meet Kam

Hi, my name’s Kam!

I am the founder of The Virtual Street Market, and current host of our live events.

A lifetime seamstress and crafter, I have also been a professional Online Business Manager, working with web entrepreneurs around the globe to develop their online services.

It’s a combination of digital marketing experience, technical know-how, networking skills and love of crafting that makes me so passionate about The Virtual Street Market.

“Make it your ambition to live quietly and peacefully, and to mind your own affairs and work with your hands…” 1 Thess 4:11

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