The Journey of 100 Days Begins!…Finally!

Part of this experiment is to show that real people can do this if they just start & don’t quit. My “real life” is messy and includes adopted children, behavior issues and sometimes, the authorities. Trust me, I hadn’t even started and I already wanted to quit after the failed attempt to start this journey two days ago. The screenshot I took of my phone the day after, was what I was doing instead of preparing for my journey.  If I can make this work, I pray it gives hope to people everywhere!

So today the journey begins of 100 Days, 4 E-Commerce platforms and 4 social media platforms, and will end the week leading up to Black Friday. I will be testing everything to determine the best course of action for crafters to make money online. It definitely didn’t start the way I had hoped but real life never does!

Starting With Shopify –

So far, I have created a store on Shopify at this link and felt it was fairly user-friendly and affordable. They have a deal going of $1/month until November which is when my test will be done so I will be able to decide then if I want to keep going, pay the $29/month or cancel.

I would say that this is more than just an entry-level platform. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could take awhile to set up and you can also get caught by all of the “extra’s” they “suggest” you get.

People’s Privacy – I did purchase a Privacy Policy called GDPR Legal Cookie that was fairly inexpensive and also GDPR compliant. (Obviously!) This is for ANY website that may ask for someone’s information but specifically in Europe. They are really cracking down on people’s privacy to the point that Google is having to change even their policies.

Social Media – I discovered that the Facebook business pages that Shopify was trying to connect was not the correct one so I ended up using my Pinterest instead. It is already established from a previous store and will work well for this situation.

Next Steps –

Since it has already been a long day, tomorrow my plan is to get my Etsy store reopened, tweak it a little and look at my website. I will need to go back into my Shopify and take a better look around and finishing the shop details. Looks like they have some good marketing tools too.

For the website, I am trying to decide between using a Divi theme builder that I have used before or an Elementor theme builder that I have recently been told is very user friendly (and it’s cheaper!) I have used Elementor before but am not as confident as I am with Divi.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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